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Over recent years, Culturespaces has chosen to create and develop digital art centres, with digital exhibitions in France and abroad, concurrently with its traditional activity of managing monuments, museums, and art centres, and organising traditional temporary exhibitions.
For these digital art centres and for these exhibitions of a new genre, Culturespaces created  CULTURESPACES DIGITAL® that encompasses four activities:


With the experience acquired in the creation and promotion of all kinds of cultural sites, CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Design is responsible for the design and refurbishment of digital art centres. Each site, which is selected in accordance with its history and enormous dimensions, is optimised to be able to welcome 500,000 to one million visitors. This involves the organisation of the spaces, renovation work, decorations, the installation of soundproofing, ventilation, video and audio equipment, lighting, and safety equipment, and reception services, a cultural gift shop, and so on.


Developed for the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Tech coordinates and implements the most innovative technologies to enable the diffusion of digital exhibitions with an excellent sound and image quality, as well as their perfect integration in very large areas. CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Tech enables the high-quality full-video presentation of exhibitions, by integrating the coordination of all of its components and the ability to adapt the exhibitions to a number of sites. 
In 2012, Culturespaces held monumental immersive exhibitions that used the AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience) technology in the Carrières de Lumières. This early digital technology, which used primarily fixed images and videos—all of which was set to music—, had a limited ability to present more creative full-video exhibitions, on more than 100 video projectors with high-quality images and sound. In partnership with French companies, Culturespaces developed more advanced and innovative technology, to meet the demands related to increasingly immersive and complex digital productions, which are diffused on very large installations. It was implemented in the Atelier des Lumières in Paris in 2018, then used in the Bunker de Lumières in South Korea, and at the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence, and will soon be used at the Bassins de Lumières in Bordeaux.

- access to a very high-quality digital iconographic base;      
- the accumulated potential of 2D, 3D, and 4D video composition software;          
- the creation of ‘full video’ exhibitions with a resolution higher than 8K per image;         
- the integration of very large exhibition files (from 8 to 20 TB);              
- the ability to diffuse the images on more than 150 DLP laser phosphor video projectors and simultaneously display 3,500 images per second;   
- the ability to control up to 100 adaptable directivity speakers, making it possible to implement spatialised sound design.

Thanks to its extremely powerful 80-node render farm, operated by a specialised digital technology team, CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Tech makes it possible to create, modify, and adapt several immersive exhibitions in various digital art centres with very different exhibition spaces.

To implement this technology, CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Tech is using a new generation of streaming servers and production and show control servers; the whole system is piloted by software specifically encrypted for CULTURESPACES DIGITAL®.


Based on the experience acquired in the traditional temporary exhibitions and the acquisition of art images, CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Studio is responsible for producing diverse digital exhibitions for the digital art centres: long-, short-, and special-format traditional, modern, and contemporary immersive digital exhibitions. Its iconographic department manages complex image and music copyright images in France and abroad. CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Studio has a catalogue of digital exhibitions, most of which have been produced by the very talented Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Massimilliano Sicardi, and Renato Gatto.


CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Festival schedules and organises immersive art festivals, with the new generation of ‘motion design’ artists. The first festival, called ‘The Paris Immersive Art Festival’, opens at the Atelier des Lumières à Paris on 18 October 2019. The first edition invites eleven artistic collectives to participate in a competition and invites a professional jury to meet them.


With CULTURESPACES DIGITAL®, Culturespaces is the leading cultural operator with specialised teams and comprehensive expertise, combining the design and creation of digital art centres, the technological competence for the diffusion of exhibitions, production, a catalogue of immersive digital exhibitions, and the presentation of classical, modern, and contemporary artists.

The CULTURESPACES DIGITAL® immersive digital art centres:
- The Atelier des Lumières, Paris (since 2018) 
- The Bunker de Lumières, Jeju Island (since 2018) 
- The Carrières de Lumières, Les Baux-de-Provence (since 2012, the use of CULTURESPACES DIGITAL Tech since 2019
- The Bassins de Lumières, Bordeaux (opening in 2020)

The original works of art by the world’s greatest artists are eternal but they are still dispersed in museums and in collections around the world. Only temporary exhibitions bring together some of these works for several months. Wherever the country, it is rare for more than a third of the population to be able to have access to these exhibitions. But today’s technology gives us the opportunity to provide new ways of bringing these works together and enabling them to be (re)discovered by the public, in order to share them with a much wider audience of all ages, for far longer durations. This is the new way of disseminating culture that Culturespaces has decided to develop with digital technology, in France and abroad, while continuing to offer excellence in the dissemination of art. Today, visitors to our digital art centres are completely immersed in the works of the greatest artists in the history of art. They are taken on an exceptional sensorial and artistic journey, and are introduced to a new and enduring way of apprehending artists and their works. Bruno Monnier, Président of Culturespaces